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The Vampire Diaries is a young adult vampire horror series of novels written by L. J. Smith. The story centers around Elena Gilbert, a high school girl torn between two vampire brothers. The series was originally a trilogy published in 1991, but pressure from readers led Smith to write a fourth volume, Dark Reunion, which was released the following year. After taking a hiatus from writing for several years, L. J. Smith announced in 2007 a new spin-off trilogy entitled The Vampire Diaries: The Return, continuing the series, with Damon as the main protagonist. The first installment, The Return: Nightfall, was released on February 10, 2009. The Return: Shadow Souls was released on May 16, 2010. The final book of the series called The Return: Midnightwill be released on March 15, 2011.
L.J. Smith has recently signed a contract to write another Vampire Diaries trilogy. The first book in the series is to be called The Hunters: Phantom, and is expected to be released in the summer of 2011. The second book of the new trilogy is entitled The Hunters: Moonsong, and the third, The Hunters: Eternity. Smith has stated that the new books will focus on Elena and her friends in college.
On Smith's November 20 blog post, she announced that barring poor sales of the upcoming trilogy, there will be another trilogy after that, bringing the series to a total of 13 novels.
The Vampire Diaries has been adapted into a television series which premiered on September 10, 2009, on The CW.

ain Series

The Awakening

Elena Gilbert is the most beautiful and popular girl in all of Robert E. Lee High School. She is driven by a desire to be the best at everything, and takes an interest in a handsome new student named Stefan Salvatore, who repeatedly avoids her. Stefan eventually rescues Elena from Tyler Smallwood on the night of the Homecoming Dance. Afterwords, the two gradually bond, leading him to reciprocate her affections. As the pair fall in love, their town of Fell's Church is being terrorized by inexplicable, horrifying 'animal attacks', with Stefan becoming a suspect. When Elena tries to confront Stefan, she discovers his terrible secret. Stefan is a vampire, born in the Italian Renaissance during the late fifteenth century. But Stefan isn't the one who has been committing the murders; the perpetrator is Stefan's Salvator, diabolical older brother, Damon Salvatore, who lives to wreak havoc and distribute misery on Stefan's life. The two brothers were turned into vampires by the coquettish German Lady Katherine von Swartzchild, whom both brothers fell in love with. Katherine was sent to stay with Stefan and Damon's family to recover from an 'illness'. When Stefan and Damon had an argument over Katherine and asked her to choose between them, she refused to do so and she got upset and ran off. The next morning, her dress was found with a pile of ashes and her ring under a tree. The two brothers had a fight to the death, in which they both killed each other. They woke up days later inside their tomb. The reason why Stefan initially avoided Elena was because Elena is a doppelganger of Katherine and brought back memories of his life with his former vampire girlfriend. For this same reason, Damon also chooses to pursue Elena, following her around in the magical disguise of a crow and he invades her dreams. Despite the duress, Elena rejects Damon's advances and remains stoically loyal to Stefan. Elena's rejection angers Damon. In a fit of rage, he provokes Stefan to fight. In the aftermath, Stefan disappears. The townspeople of Fell's Church believe Stefan's disappearance cements the truth that Stefan is behind the attacks. However, Elena's sure she doesn't know what had really happened. She thinks that Damon is responsible for Stefan's disappearance, and she knows that Stefan is in grave danger.

The Struggle

Picking up where The Awakening left off, Elena confronts Damon about Stefan's disappearance. But when Elena stands firm on her rejection of Damon's romantic advances, Damon refuses to help her find Stefan. Elena must turn to her best friends, Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez. Bonnie, who is believed to have psychic powers, uses magic to track down Stefan. The girls discover Stefan trapped in the bottom of a well, close to death. After Stefan's rescue, Elena offers him her blood to recover. Because of the belief that he perpetrated the horrific 'animal' attacks, Stefan still faces hostility in the town. And as the town's monumental anniversary, 'Founder's Day' approaches, Elena reaches her breaking point. Elena's adversary, Caroline Forbes, has stolen Elena's diary. Elena confesses all her secrets to her diary, and its contents can be read as evidence that Stefan is a violent criminal. Worried about Stefan's mental and physical well-being, Elena enlists the help of her friends to retrieve the diary. Bonnie, Meredith and Elena try to break into Caroline's house to find the diary but there is no success. In a mad attempt to escape, she discovers Damon lurking in the shadows of the Forbes house. Damon offers to help Elena's cause - if Elena gives him blood in return. Elena refuses. Damon gives her a terrifying ultimatum. She must choose between Damon feeding off of her (Elena), or her baby sister, Margaret. Elena decides to sacrifice herself. Damon and Elena do a blood exchange. Soon after, Elena tells Stefan about the diary. Stefan tells Elena that even if Caroline reveals the contents of Elena's diary to the whole town, because of his love for Elena, Stefan will stay. On Founder's Day, Elena and her friends try their best to steal Elena's diary, but their attempts are futile. However, when Caroline tries to read the diary, it is discovered that the diaries have been switched by Damon. Damon smugly accepts Elena's thanks, but his satisfaction quickly turns to anger when he hears about Elena's engagement to Stefan. Not only does Elena endure dissatisfaction from Damon but she also endures dissatisfaction from her Aunt Judith. Frustrated by their reactions, Elena storms off. Elena angrily drives to Stefan's residence. But when she finally gets there, Stefan isn't home, and there is something malevolent about the weather. It is vicious and brutal, and it wants Elena dead...She feels there is something lurking in the dark. She jumps into the car and tries to cross running water, as she thinks this will keep her safe. The bridge then breaks and she drives into the water. She then drowns in the car, dies, and becomes a vampire.

The Fury

This book begins with the newly "turned" Elena watching Damon and Stefan engaged in a fight to the death. Initially, she does not recognize the brothers due to her confused state, having recently died and risen as a vampire, but soon a flicker of memory causes her to realize the one she loves is hurt and needs her help. The reader is led to believe she is referring to Stefan. But instead Elena attacks him, and fully intends to kill him for hurting Damon. Stefan, upon recognizing Elena, doesn't fight back and allows her to bite him. Damon eventually commands her to stop and takes her in search of human blood. Stefan intervenes, not wanting Elena to kill someone, and instead makes her drink Matt's blood. Afterwards, Damon hides her in Alaric Saltzman's attic and once she has rested, her disorientation begins to lift. Elena is deeply bothered and upset about the way she attacked Stefan. While wandering, trying to process all the new information, Elena stumbles upon her own memorial service where Stefan and Damon find her. Stefan is relieved when Elena remembers their love and Damon is enraged, but the three are distracted by the strange behaviour of a large pack of the towns pet dogs who are attacking their owners. More strange events lead the three vampires, with the help of Bonnie, Meredith, Matt and Alaric, to conclude that the same Power which forced Elena off of the bridge is still stalking the town. It transpires that Katherine, the vampire who turned Damon and Stefan, faked her own death 500 years before in a vain attempt to bring the brothers closer. Her plan failed, and the brothers killed each other and they rose as vampires instead. Katherine was infuriated by the brother's continuing feud, so she fled to Klaus, the one who had turned her into a vampire on her death bed. Under his teaching, Katherine became more powerful and quite unstable. She eventually has Damon, Stefan and Elena tied up in an underground crypt where she plans to torture and dispose of them all. It is here, when Katherine confesses that she has always loved Stefan more than Damon. During the struggle, Elena manages to free herself, forcing Katherine into a shaft of sunlight and tearing off her protectivelapis lazuli necklace. Elena is badly burned herself as Katherine had already removed the protective ring from Elena's hand. Stefan pulls Elena back into the shadows but it is too late; Elena has died in Stefan's arms after she made him promise to take good care of Damon.

Dark Reunion

As a psychic, Bonnie has dreams of Elena in the Other World. But the dreams quickly turn frightening, which then causes the death of one of their friends. A source of power has infiltrated Fells Church, putting its inhabitants in danger. Not knowing what to do, Meredith, Matt, and Bonnie use a summoning spell to call for Stefan and Damon — but whose side is Damon on? This novel greatly expands Bonnie and Meredith as characters. Bonnie takes the leading role as she writes in the diary. She also finds a possible romance with Matt Honeycutt. After some research in the library Stefan realizes Tyler Smallwood is a werewolf. They concoct a plan and lure Tyler into the graveyard. After threatening him, Tyler reveals startling information about the killer. They find out Klaus, the vampire who made Katherine a vampire is the killer, and has captured Caroline. The four find out from Meredith's mad grandfather that the only thing that can weaken Klaus is White Ash wood. Klaus makes a deal with Stefan, "Come alone or the girl dies." Bonnie, Meredith and Matt try to persuade Stefan to take some of their blood to make him stronger but he refuses and warns them not to follow. They ignore his threat and follow. They see Stefan with a branch of White Ash wood and Bonnie realizes it's a trap and cries out to Stefan before he gets hurt. There is a fight at the old Francher place deep in the Old Wood. They are losing the fight and Stefan is on the brink of death. Damon appears out of nowhere and proves his loyalty as he stakes Klaus. However, Klaus isn't hurt badly, and he attacks Damon. Bonnie screams for Elena. She appears as a glowing mist along with the spirits of Civil War soldiers that had fought and died in Fell's Church. They charge Klaus and carry him away. The ending is the most surprising yet for Elena's friends as she almost leaves forever and then is granted another chance to come back to life so she takes it.'

The Return: Nightfall

One week after Elena Gilbert has come back from the dead, she is in a childlike state, unable to read and almost completely unable to speak. Her understanding is impaired but not completely absent. Damon Salvatore watches outside Caroline’s window as Caroline talks to an independent image of herself. Damon believes the mirror-Caroline to be a supernatural evil force that is playing some sort of trick on Caroline. He feels a sharp puncture on his neck while he watches. After the mirror-Caroline goes away, Damon persuades Caroline to let him into her bedroom. Stefan allows Elena’s friends to visit her, including Caroline. When the four humans show up at Stefan’s room in the boarding house Elena does not recognize any of them. She kisses Caroline, Bonnie, Matt and Meredith so she can recognize them. Because of Caroline's bad behaviour, she gets kicked out. As Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt drive home from the boarding house, they are surrounded and attacked by ambulatory trees, which poison the three humans with their sap. Bonnie uses her psychic powers to call to Damon for help.He decides to save the nearly-dead Bonnie. Returning to the boarding house with her, he nearly runs into Stefan,who volunteers to save Meredith and Matt while Damon cares for Bonnie. Damon rescues Bonnie by floating her in a bath of warm water, and then feeding her his blood. Later, Stefan returns with Matt and Meredith, who were saved by Elena's kiss. The next morning, Elena wakes up able to speak. She and Stefan then go for a celebration picnic with Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt. During the picnic, Matt tells them that the fifteen-year-old Tami Bryce is behaving very strange.The others agree that a malach, which is a thing that makes people do untypically things. Meanwhile, Shinichi, now identified as an evil kitsune ("Werefox"), and Damon are watching unseen. Damon says that he doesn’t want “his” girls—Bonnie and Elena—hurt. Shinichi puts Damon in a trance and encourages the malach inside Damon to grow larger and stronger. Damon tells Stefan that there is a website referring to an organization, the Shi no Shi, that can turn vampires to humans. Stefan is suspicious but agrees to visit Damon in the woods to learn more about it. He leaves a note on the computer for Elena and sneaks off while she sleeps. Damon changes the note to read that Stefan has decided to leave Elena for her own good. Elena wakes and believes that she has been abandoned by Stefan. Devastated and upset by Stefan's abandonment of her, Elena decides to find Stefan with the help of her friends Bonnie, Meredith and Matt. Meanwhile, Matt is attacked by malachs on the way back from the boarding house. The next day, Matt returns to the boarding house, where Mrs. Flowers reveals herself to be a Witch and binds Matt’s wounds. Meredith and Bonnie set out to visit Caroline to see if she is malach-infested. Caroline is scuttling on the ceiling of her living room like a lizard, and she runs under the bed in her mother’s room. The possessed Caroline, or some other force, grabs their ankles. Bonnie calls Damon to help. Damon arrives and frees them. Matt and Elena visit Tami, who has super-glued a homemade stripper outfit onto herself. Bonnie and Meredith head to the house of a friend Isobel Saitou. Isobel has mutilated herself, and Dr. Alpert thinks she should go to the hospital. All set out, but Meredith and Bonnie leave to find Mrs. Flowers. In the Old Wood, Matt and Elena encounter Damon,influenced by the malach, who orders them to kiss while he films them with a video camera. Elena at first tries to cooperate, but Matt objects and is tortured by Damon. . She attempts to rescue Matt by persuading Damon to drive away. However, she leaps out of the speeding car, hoping to make her way on foot to a nearby house. She is badly injured by her jump. Damon suddenly comes to himself with vague memories of hurting Elena. He finds Shinichi and threatens to torture him. Shinichi reveals Elena’s location and he leaves Damon with a kitsune key that will magically open any door. Damon creates a door to whatever room he finds necessary to heal Elena. Damon confesses to her that he and Shinichi kidnapped Stefan and that Shinichi and his twin sister, Misao, are evil kitsunes who plan to destroy Fell’s Church. The kitsunes are the ones behind the malach, the ambulatory trees, and the self-mutilating girls.Damon’s possession returns, however, and he attacks Elena, who flees with the key through a series of doors. At last, she directs the key to open a door taking her to someplace the kitsune can’t see. Damon realizes that he has been possessed by Shinichi and that he’d been playing the villain, and he calls himself an abomination, and vows to be her slave. She causes Damon to lie face-down on her lap and pulls the malach out of his spine. The malach had originally entered via the puncture in Damon’s neck. Damon kills the malach. Damon and Elena then concoct a plan to defeat Shinichi and Misao. First, however, Elena makes a side trip to visit Stefan, who is imprisoned in a dungeon in a hell dimension. Meanwhile, Matt has woken up. Tracking Elena, he ends up at the house she was trying to reach. There another girl, Kristen Dunstan,is possessed by a malach. He continues into the woods and finally runs across Meredith, Bonnie, and Mrs. Flowers. The four then encounter Isobel and Dr. Alpert. They reach the boarding house, but other possessed girls attack. Damon appears, and then two of the group are revealed to be Shinichi and Misao, who have been playing with them all along. Damon, Shinichi, and Misao take Dr. Alpert, Mrs. Flowers, Matt, Meredith, and Bonnie prisoner. Elena watches hidden from the trees and wonders if Damon has betrayed her. Bonnie is tied to an altar by the ambulatory trees, and another walking tree approaches her. Elena develops a pair of golden wings,a gift given to her when she came back from the dead, that enable her to fly. She seizes Misao and the scissors, and flies upward.She starts to cut Misao’s tails off to diminish Misao’s power. Damon cuts Bonnie free. Misao begs for mercy and finally gives Elena clues where to find the magic key that will release Stefan. Shinichi agrees to give Damon a psychic map if Damon surrenders his memories of the last few days to him. Damon agrees even though losing his memories involves losing his redemption. The good guys then let Shinichi and Misao go, but not before Misao admits to pretending to be Shinichi pretending to be the mirror-Caroline. The next day, Caroline informs her family and the sheriff that she is pregnant and Matt is responsible. A judge signs an order for Matt’s arrest. Matt thus joins Elena and Damon in their quest to find and rescue Stefan.

The Return: Shadow Souls

A penitent Damon, along with Elena and Matt, follows Stefan into the darkest dimension in an attempt to set him free from the prison he has been tricked into instead of the salvation he was seeking. When Matt sees Elena and Damon getting too close he turns back and sends Bonnie and Meredith to inform Elena what's happening back home. Bonnie and Meredith join Elena as all three are forced to enter as slaves; the chained and leashed property of a vampire – Damon. Elena Gilbert is once again at the center of magic and danger beyond her imagination. And once more, Stefan isn't there to help. Elena is forced to entrust her life to Damon, the handsome but deadly vampire who wants Elena, both her body and soul. They must journey to the slums of the Dark Dimension, a world where vampires and demons roam free, but humans must live as slaves of their supernatural masters. During this time, Elena becomes closer to Damon,she gives the love she would give to Stefan to Damon. She and Damon exchange blood many times throughout the book (in some very steamy ways) and in turn finds she has true feelings for him, adding a choice to her already mixed up life: Which brother does she really want? Stefan is imprisoned here, and only Elena can free him by finding the two hidden halves of the kitsune key to his cell. Damon, Elena, Bonnie, and Meredith must all fit into the world of the Dark Dimension and venture into its deadly high society. Only by these means may they be able to find Stefan's keys to release him and then Elena will be able to reunite with her soulmate. While this is going on, back home Matt is hiding from the law and trying to fight the evil kitsune who are destroying the very core of their community. Matt enlists the help of the local doctor and her nephew, the boarding house owner, and Isobel's grandmother, who was once a priestess, to keep their home together until Elena, Stefan, and Damon return.

The Return: Midnight

In Midnight, golden girl Elena Gilbert is back from the Dark Dimension, having successfully freed her vampire boyfriend Stefan Salvatore from imprisonment. Saving Stefan had an unlikely consequence: his vampire brother Damon Salvatore has become a mortal. While the trio reels from this latest twist, they must still deal with the demons that have taken over Elena's hometown, Fell's Church.

Main Characters

  • Elena Gilbert: Elena Gilbert is a beautiful and popular 17-year-old human girl from the town of Fells Church, Virginia. There are repeated references in the series that state that she looks like an "angel" or "angelic" in appearance. Physically, Elena is described as having eyes the color of lapis lazuli (a deep, dark blue) with gold flecks in them; this is meant to be a parallel to the lapis lazuli rings that vampires must wear to stay alive in the sunlight. In some scenes, her eyes are mentioned as having some violet in them as well, as when she wears her violet-colored homecoming dress which then "brings out the violet in her eyes." Elena's hair is long and straight (reaching down to her waist), and a soft pale gold, described as being a few shades lighter than Katherine's, while her eyebrows and lashes are a darker blonde. Her skin is very fair and almost translucent, it is described as being like a magnolia flower, swans, alabaster or porcelain, and she doesn't tan easily. She's fairly slim, about average height for a teenage girl, and she is very pretty. Elena is taller than Katherine by "a good handspan." In The Return: Shadow Souls, Elena describes herself as the following: "What do I look like? I have blonde hair that falls in sort of waves past my shoulders and blue eyes that some people have said are like lapis lazuli; dark blue with splashes of gold. Maybe that's why Vampires like me." Elena has endured tragedy in her life. Her parents died in a fatal car accident when she was younger and she is raised by her Aunt Judith. She has a younger sister named Margaret. Elena transformed from an "Ice Queen" or "Ice Princess" to a much more compassionate and open-minded person in the beginning of the first book. Part of the reason for this "change" in Elena, mostly had to due with the impact that Stefan's arrival had on her when she first encountered him. Elena has stated throughout the series in her diary writing, that she wanted to change and become a better person for Stefan. Elena is best friends with Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez. She also used to be friends with Caroline Forbes until they became rivals. Although everyone seems to be convinced of Elena's intelligence, her academic performance actually seems somewhat uneven. Mr. Tanner says that Elena is failing history, and no one corrects him. Elena says she doesn't care if she fails trigonometry. She is enrolled in a General Business class even though she is a Senior. Bonnie comments in Elena's diary when she first died that Elena was far from perfect and while she was never an angel, she died a good person. After Elena is dead (following Katherine's death), Bonnie describes her: She wasn't a saint. She wasn't always sweet and good and honest and agreeable. But she was strong and loving and loyal to her friends, and in the end she did the most unselfish thing anybody could do. Elena breaks up with her childhood best friend and her long-term boyfriend, Matt Honeycutt around when school starts, feeling he has become more to her than one of her disposable boyfriends; she loves him like a friend or brother. Elena is good at leading and initiating action but can be overly aggressive at times. Elena also has a tendency to be stubborn at times. Elena's life changes forever when she meets a mysterious, handsome new student at Robert E. Lee high school named Stefan Salvatore. Elena is deeply and madly in love with Stefan, although she does realize that she is drawn to Damon, Stefan's elder brother. Stefan initially attempts to ignore Elena in the beginning. He does this because there is a strong physical resemblance between Katherine and Elena. A quote in The Awakening describes this resemblance: "Still, the resemblance was uncanny. That pale golden hair, so fair it almost seemed to shimmer. That creamy skin, which had always made him think of swans, or alabaster, flushing faintly pink over the cheekbones. And the eyes...Katherine's eyes had been a colour he had never seen before; darker than sky blue, as rich as the lapis lazuli in her jewelled headband. This girl had the same eyes." He makes comparisons between her and his former vampire girlfriend, Katherine, though he realizes that beneath the looks, Katherine and Elena are two completely different people. Her school reputation is important to her, so she makes up a fake boyfriend to hide the fact that Stefan has rejected her advances. She dies several times throughout the series, changing from human to vampire (after she gets enough blood from both Salvatore brothers, where her killer, Katherine, thought she only got blood from one boy) to spirit (after an unknown power brings her back). In The Return: Nightfall she comes back perfectly normal albeit with supernatural powers intact, making her blood irresistible to all supernatural beings. Elena has an incredibly strong romance with Stefan Salvatore, which is the basis of the whole series, though in the later books, she starts to fall for Damon too.
  • Stefan Salvatore: Stefan is the good vampire brother. He is the younger brother of Damon Salvatore. Stefan is approximately 500-years-old (about 517 to be exact) but physically, he has the appearance of that of a 17-year-old boy (Stefan was 17 when he died as a human and was turned into a vampire). Appearance-wise, Stefan is described as very classically handsome with fine features that are "Roman" in appearance: pale-skinned with wavy dark hair, fine classic features and piercing, forest "deep oak" green eyes, which have also been compared to that of emeralds, malachite and holly green. He is not imposingly tall (but was once considered to be tall during his time as a human) but he is taller than his brother, Damon. Stefan is described in The Awakening as: "From where she stood, Elena could see he had a lean, flat-muscled body. Faded jeans he probably had to peel off at night, tight T-shirt, a leather jacket of unusual cut. His hair was wavy - and dark.." Another quote in The Awakening describes Stefan: "The dark, curly hair framed features so fine that they might have been taken from an old Roman coin or medallion. High cheekbones, classical straight nose...and a mouth to keep you awake at night, Elena thought. The upper lip was beautifully sculpted, a little sensitive, a whole lot sensual." Stefan and Damon are said to look somewhat "similar" to one another. Stefan tends to wear expensive clothing, usually black in colour. Part of this is because he was once a member of the Italian nobility and his tutor taught him to dress as befitted as his position. However, he has been spotted on several occasions wearing T-shirts (mostly form-fitting or snug) and jeans (most of the time, faded), and he shows an odd penchant for wearing sweaters. Stefan wears a lapis lazuli ring as a talisman to protect himself against the sunlight. Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious gemstone. Also known as the 'night stone', it has magical properties that protect any vampire that wears it from the harmful rays of the sun. When Stefan explains this to Elena, he tells her, "Without such a talisman, we die in sunlight as if in a fire." Personality-wise, much of Stefan's personality is influenced by the guilt and self-hatred he feels over his vampiric nature and the circumstances surrounding his "death." He is tortured by his vampirism. Stefan has been described as brooding, tortured, stubborn, and angsty. However, while Stefan does have a tendency to blame himself for things, which leads to periods of intense depression, he is also very kind, compassionate, empathetic, romantic, responsible, chivalrous, gallant and brave. He has strong morals and values and a strict code of ethics, probably influenced by his tutor and Catholic upbringing. Growing up in Florence, Italy, Stefan comes across as reclusive, although his brother does admit that he has friends. According to Damon, Stefan spends his time "among books and paintings," and has never had to face reality because of his sheltered life. He also says that Stefan is attached to his friends, family, and his duty to Florence. Stefan says he had studies and ambitions. In regards to his relationship with his brother Damon, Stefan has felt guilty for the longest time for "damning" his brother for all eternity and killing him, as well as transforming him into a vampire. Although it is evident that there is tension between Stefan and his elder brother, deep down, Stefan deeply loves and cares for Damon and always tries to believe in him and see any humanity within him, no matter how much Damon tries to conceal it through immoral acts. Unfortunately, Stefan often ends up disappointed because of his naivety when it comes to Damon. He seems to be quite naive, and a bit of a romantic at heart where Katherine (and later Elena) are concerned. Following Katherine's "suicide" and his transformation into a vampire, Stefan spends the next 500 years consumed with guilt. He refuses to drink human blood under any circumstances and chooses to live in the shadows. Upon his arrival to Fell's Church, he attempts to blend in with the other high school students at Robert E. Lee High School. Yet, his reserved nature keeps him from making friends easily until Matt Honeycutt - the high school quarterback - comes along. Matt can sense that Stefan is incredibly lonely. Though Stefan is usually very kind and gentle, he has a bit of a temper (especially whenever his brother Damon is involved). When he gets angry, he shows violent tendencies and he can lose control. Damon describes him as 'selfish' and at times, he does seem self-absorbed in his own problems. However, whenever the town or his friends are in danger, Stefan will rush over to try to help. Stefan is fiercely loyal and protective. He has a strong sense of duty, responsibility and loyalty. He has also been shown to be willing to sacrifice himself in order to save the people he cares about. Finally, Stefan's personality is not all doom and gloom. He displays a wicked sense of humor on several occasions and when he's around his friends, he relaxes and lets his guard down. Sometimes he even smiles. Stefan is the weaker brother because he chooses not to survive on and drink human blood. He lives off of animal blood, which lessens his powers, although he often shares blood with Elena. One of his powers include being able to read at increased speed. Stefan's code of ethics forbid him from drinking human blood. He also believes it's wrong to use his powers against those who are weaker than him and he does so only sparingly (though he seems to have no problem with getting Damon to use his powers on others). His decision to live off the blood of animals makes his Power weaker than other vampires. Yet, he does have superhuman strength and agility and he can influence people's minds (mind compulsion). In "The Struggle", Stefan breaks his promise to himself and drinks human blood. This gives him the power to change into an animal form and he transforms into a hawk. He is deeply in love with Elena Gilbert and is willing to do everything and anything he can to protect her, even if it means killing his older brother, Damon, who was never close to him, even as a human. When Stefan first "meets" Elena at Robert E. Lee High School, he is able to automatically sense her mind, that she is different from all the other minds in the school. He also has problems trusting him, though Stefan blames himself for killing his brother and completing his transformation into a vampire. He comes from a noble family, was his father's, Giuseppe, favourite son and always acts like a gentleman. He and Matt become very close and best friends during "The Awakening". Stefan admires Matt because of his goodness, even though he is still in love with Elena.
  • Damon Salvatore: Stefan's elder, amoral and malevolent vampire brother. Damon is the bad vampire brother. Damon is over 500-years-old (possibly in the 520's, since he is older then Stefan), although he has the appearance of a man in his 20's (Damon is said to be in his 20's when he died as a human and was turned into a vampire, although it has not been confirmed exactly how old Damon is). Damon is frequently shown to engage in immoral situations throughout the series although, events in both The Fury and Dark Reunion show that Damon can be capable of fierce loyalty and affection, though he is often very misunderstood. Most people have described Damon as dangerous, including Elena and Meredith. Physically, he is described as handsome and sexy, with fine straight black hair, pitch black eyes like midnight, pale skin and he has a slim but muscular body type. A quote from The Awakening describes his as follows: "He was remarkably good-looking. His face was pale in the artificial twilight, but she could see that his features were cleanly defined and nearly perfect under a shock of dark hair. Those cheekbones were a sculptor's dream." Damon is slightly shorter then his brother, Stefan and it is said that he and Stefan have a strong resemblance to each other. Damon most often wears black clothing. He seems to favor black leather riding boots as footwear, black jeans, a black belt, black sweater and a black leather jacket. Like his brother, Stefan, Damon wears a lapis lazuli ring, which was given to him by Katherine, in order to walk around in the sunlight. Damon is self-contained and reserved on the surface most of the time, only letting his emotions show when he's angry - usually at his brother, Stefan. Damon and his father, Giuseppe, never got along because of Damon's lack of responsibility. While attending the unnamed “University,” Damon allegedly engages in gambling, jousting, and womanizing instead of studying. His father says Damon would be failing every class if it were not for his tutors and his secretary. He blames Damon for wasting his time and Giuseppe’s money and suggests that Damon wants to leave to return to his hunting and hawking. Giuseppe also suggests that for Damon to leave the university will embarrass Giuseppe because his friends will believe he has a son who is a ne’er-do-well and an idler who makes no useful contribution to the city. Damon is heartless, cold-hearted, dark, sadistic, careless, cruel and impulsive. He generally acts flippant, arrogant, and constantly plays word games, especially when it comes to dancing around an issue, and even more especially when that issue involves his true feelings on a serious subject. Damon has an aristocratic, elegant demeanour and a very pragmatic outlook on life. He believes that the vampire nature is inherently dark, that they are natural hunters and predators who are meant to kill and therefore, he believes that Stefan's attempts to not feed on humans are therefore, unnatural. Although Damon repeatedly admits to passionately hating his brother Stefan, it has been evident throughout the series that deep down, Damon does in fact love and care about the younger Salvatore. Damon has no problem with killing innocent humans, has absolutely no conscience or remorse for it, although he generally won't go out of his way to do so. He kills Mr. Tanner, but claims he did so only because Tanner pulled a knife on him and that it was thus self-defense. He also has no problem whatsoever with threatening and intimidating small children. Since Elena gave into his blackmail - it'll never be known whether he really would've gone through with his threats to hurt her little sister, Margaret. He has a significantly very violent history due to his early vampire life, when he started his own mercenary company. Although we are given no glimpses into this mercenary life, it is strongly implied that he did very immoral things with absolutely no regrets, and would have little to no problem doing them again. Throughout the series, he is also portrayed as a very dark, arrogant, evil and seductive figure. His history dates back to Renaissance Italy. He shows feelings towards Elena and Bonnie. Damon deeply cares for Bonnie McCullough. Throughout the series, Damon has frequently shown to have a "soft spot" for her. Bonnie helps to temper Damon's darkness and has brought out the "softer" side of him. There is a definite undeniable and strong connection between the two of them, although Elena happens to receive more attention from him. Damon's morality is always in question—and he is constantly suspected of mischief. In The Fury, Katherine offers to let Damon live and for him to reign in the shadows, an offer both Elena and Stefan believe he will accept, though in the end he tells her, "Go to hell." Damon is described as extremely relentless. He never takes danger too seriously and possesses a very dark sense of humor, which Stefan describes as "Damon humor", as well as very little regard for human life in contrast with his brother, Stefan. Damon is regarded as one of the strongest vampires who reside on Earth, this comes from all the blood he's taken in from humans. He has deep feelings for Elena, especially in The Fury, that is not understood by others. In The Return: Shadow Souls, it is also revealed that Elena also has strong feelings for Damon- who now is in love with Elena, but does not share this knowledge with any of her friends, supporting their beliefs that Damon is taking advantage of her.
  • Bonnie McCullough: Bonnie is a small, petite girl with deep brown eyes, a heart-shaped face, strawberry red curly 'permed' hair and fair skin, which is almost translucent. There is something "innocent" about her physical appearance. Bonnie is best friends with Elena Gilbert, Meredith Sulez, Matt Honeycutt and Stefan Salvatore. Bonnie has an older sister, Mary, who is two years older then her. Initially, Bonnie comes off as kind-hearted but not very bright at all. She starts off as the fickle, shallow, boy-obsessed, always-bubbly, insecure, slightly clueless friend. As the series goes on, however, Bonnie begins to develop, both as a person and as someone with psychic powers, and matures and deepens accordingly. Most of the time, Bonnie seems to act as an unwitting, unknowing medium for helpful spirits, most notably the spirit of Honoria Fell, who several times attempts to aid the girls through Bonnie. Bonnie does not remember anything she says or does while in this state. She also has occasional prophetic flashes, such as when she jokingly reads Elena's palm on the first day of school and comes up with a genuine prophecy that she would meet "a tall, dark and handsome" stranger. In Dark Reunion, Bonnie begins to dabble in witchcraft, and successfully pulls off a summoning ritual to call Stefan back to Fell's Church, then successfully manages to help Stefan communicate with a ghostly Elena by various means. At the end of Dark Reunion, Bonnie is the one who screams about the unfairness of their tragic fate, which triggers Elena's return. It is unknown if Bonnie's powers played any role in making this happen, or if it was just a matter of lucky timing (it was the night of the summer solstice, when ghosts were said to be prone to returning to Earth anyway). She slowly realizes that she isn't as dumb as she believes herself to be (and, as a result, as she's convinced everyone else she is), and that she's useful, needed and loved by her friends. Initially, Bonnie romanticizes death, especially her own, constantly talking about her Scottish grandmother's prophecy that she would be young and beautiful in her grave, and how romantically she might die. She is fickle when it comes to boys. Bonnie has shown interest in Matt Honeycutt and Damon Salvatore. By the end of the original series, however, Bonnie has become more grounded and serious, focusing on the problems at hand rather than on the boys at hand. She even surprises herself a few times with her own insightful, helpful contributions to the fight against Klaus. Bonnie, a psychic Witch, is overwhelmed by her powers, and attempts to repress the true extent of them without much success. She begins to develop a connection with Matt Honeycutt, although Matt is still in love with Elena. There is also a strong undeniable connection between Bonnie and Damon Salvatore. She deeply cares about him and Damon has saved her on many occasions throughout the series. Damon has been seen to be very protective over Bonnie. He is always there for her, whenever she happens to be in trouble. Bonnie is often said to resemble a kitten — cute, small, and relatively harmless, although she has strong psychic powers. She is somewhat of a child and faints constantly as she lacks self restraint of her powers. Bonnie can be expansive and visionary but can be damsel-in-distress like.
  • Meredith Sulez: Meredith is one of Elena's closest friends. Meredith is tall, with an olive complexion, dark eyes, heavy black lashes, and loose black hair. According to Elena, she never wears make-up because she doesn't need any. She is described as very elegant and beautiful. One of Meredith's "distinguishing features" is that she has a "very elegant eyebrow". Calm and collected: Meredith seems to be one of the most sensible and grounded characters in the books, amongst Elena's friends and often comes across as "the voice of reason". Meredith is best friends with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie McCullough but she is also friends with Stefan Salvatore. She has a very wry personality, often making keen observations or (somewhat humorous) comments in a dry tone. She is normally very cool and unflappable, calm under pressure, and extremely competent. She does things with minimal fuss, displaying grace, skill, and dignity. She is extremely cynical when it comes to vampires and the reason is suspected amongst fans to be because of the attack by Klaus on both her and her grandfather. She falls in love with Alaric Saltzman, the school's history teacher, and has a long distance relationship with him as he studies abroad in Russia. She is also the only human female in the novel that seems to be completely unfazed by Damon Salvatore and his charm and is the only person that Damon admits to being afraid of. In "Dark Reunion", Meredith tells Stefan that Damon is dangerous, and that he never should have brought his brother back to Fell's Church. Damon admits to finding Meredith to be "a very scary person" and seems to be incapable of making rude remarks towards her when being face to face but only when they're facing away from one another. When he does so, Meredith makes a comment and Damon does not respond. Except for her grandfather, Meredith's family is rarely discussed in the books. It is unknown if she has any siblings. Both her parents and at least one grandmother are alive. Meredith's mother used to be friends with Caroline's mother a long time before the start of the series. Meredith's grandfather currently resides in a mental institution in West Virginia. After the attack, Meredith's grandfather became a source of deep shame for the family. In Dark Reunion, Bonnie says that Meredith's parents "considered her grandfather's condition such a blot that they never allowed him to be mentioned to outsiders."
  • Matthew 'Matt' Honeycutt: Matt is Elena's childhood best friend and long term ex-boyfriend and first love. He's a typical All-American high school quarterback. Physically, Matt is tall and athletic, with blonde hair and blue eyes (Stefan observes that his eyes are open and honest). During the summer prior to The Awakening Matt helped out on his grandparents' farm, which gave him a tanned complexion. He's described as being an attractive, wholesome, all-American, boy-next-door type. Matt and Elena were best friends since childhood and they know everything about each other and Matt understands Elena better then anybody. Before Elena met Stefan, Matt was the only boy in Elena's life who has had any kind of "influence" on Elena's transformation. Certainly Elena still thinks that he's handsome, even after breaking up with him, and Bonnie has shown some interest in him. Due to his family being poor, he tends to wear older clothes, and Elena surmises at the beginning of The Awakening that his scuffed shoes must have been the same ones he had the previous year on account of not being able to afford new ones. While Matt is heartbroken at losing Elena to Stefan, he accepts it. He continues to be very protective of Elena. Matt is extremely jealous of Stefan and still pines for Elena, but he shows some feelings for Bonnie. Matt helps Stefan escape the Haunted House on the night of the attack, but afterward begins to think that Stefan might have killed Mr. Tanner. Later in the series, the relationship between Stefan and Matt is closer to that of best friends. He is forgiving, loyal and is described as the friendly boy-next-door type. Despite being captain of the school football team, Matt is about as far from a stereotypical jock as you can get. He's fiercely loyal, and likes to see the best in people. When it comes to the subject of love and relationships, he's quite mature for his age. Despite being deeply in love with Elena, he is able to not only let her go as a girlfriend, but he's also able to remain her friend while not being bitter about his loss, coming to her aid several times (above and beyond the call of duty) in the story. Even more surprisingly, he's able to become best friends with Stefan, who by all rights should be considered his rival in his love for Elena. He has faith in the basic goodness of people, and displays this several times during the course of the books, from sticking by Stefan despite damning evidence against him, to even managing to work out some motives for Damon's actions that prove him to be not quite as evil as he'd like people to believe. Indeed, the basic concept of vampires existing, while a shock, doesn't seem to bother him particularly. It's not that fact that Stefan is a vampire that sends him spiralling into denial in The Fury, but the fact that Stefan pretends to feel no remorse over attacking Tyler and his associates in the Quonset hut. After the events of The Fury, Matt's faith in humanity and the world has been severely shaken, and he spends much of Dark Reunion in a previously uncharacteristic pessimistic and defeated state. It takes a renewal of friendship and a heart-to-heart with Stefan for him to start to regain some of his earlier determination and good humour.
  • Caroline Forbes: Caroline is tall, curvaceous and bronzed, like a Vogue model. She has wavy, auburn hair and catlike, slanted, bright green eyes. She frequently wears skimpy clothing that emphasizes her assets and shows off much of her bronzed complexion and is always perfectly coiffed. Caroline's personality is difficult to ascertain, as we mostly only see her being adversarial to Elena so it could be said that she is misunderstood. Caroline has a younger brother, Daniel. Her father, Mr. Forbes, is one of a group of fathers who join in a lynching party to stake Stefan through the heart and/or shoot him with wooden bullets. When Alaric suggests that the attacker might have been "Damon Smith" and not Stefan, Mr. Forbes says he is willing to use his daughter Caroline to trap Stefan and to let her witness his death because that sort of psychological damage would be less than the damage when her throat got ripped out. After Caroline admits her identification is uncertain and the lynch mob breaks up, Mr. Forbes mutters that the situation was a mistake and no one - except, presumably, Stefan-should take it too seriously. Mr. Forbes may be one of the unidentified men accompanying Mr. Smallwood to the crypt to lynch Stefan and Damon after Katherine's death. Elena notes that she and Caroline used to be the best of friends, though they developed a healthy rivalry for social status in their social group and who would be named "Queen of Robert E. Lee High School." Caroline also used to be friends with Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez. At some point over the summer, while Elena was in France, Caroline turned on her for reasons unknown to Elena (and thus unknown to the reader), and when Elena returns on the first day of school, she is met with a surprisingly cold reception from her former friend and newfound rival. Originally, Caroline Forbes wanted Stefan Salvatore for herself but Elena also had a significant interest in him as well. This caused the rivalry between them to heat up even more and become fiercely competitive. From what is displayed of Caroline's personality in the books, Caroline is extremely competitive, manipulative, cunning, selfish, shallow, self-centered and seems to be willing to do anything in her power to get what she wants, regardless of legal or ethical implications. She takes social slights very personally, and seems to value social status above most other things. After Elena's second and then-final death, Caroline seems to have a change of heart; she rejoins her old friends, Bonnie and Meredith, and stops speaking ill of Elena. In The Return: Nightfall, it is revealed that Caroline is pregnant with Tyler Smallwood's unborn baby but Tyler does not know about this. Because Tyler is a Werewolf, it means that the baby is a hybrid, being half human, half werewolf.
  • Alaric K. Saltzman: The new, young History teacher that was in suspicion of being a vampire hunter when he was in fact studying vampires ever since he discovered that they were real. He's an experimental psychologist from Duke University, specialising in the research of psychic powers. His research took a sideways step upon the discovery of the victim of a vampire. He focused his research on vampire victims, becoming the foremost expert in the field. Alaric is good-looking with an athletic build, hazel eyes, and sandy brown hair (which he wears a little long). He has a boyish smile, and Elena observes that he's not really much older than the students in his class. Later on, in The Fury, Elena assesses him to be around four or five years older than she is, which would age him at around 23 years old at the top end. In Dark Reunion, Bonnie believes Alaric is 22. Despite trying to appear as a fearsome vampire killer, he's really not a violent person by nature, and can't stand to see innocents hurt. He even denies being a vampire hunter when Damon accuses him of it, and likely not just to save his own skin. Once it is established that Stefan is not the killer plaguing the town, Alaric is immediately concerned for Stefan's safety upon learning he's gone to meet with Caroline, where he will no doubt be ambushed. He smiles a lot during The Struggle, having an easy-going nature, and a desire to connect with people. He's clearly not a teacher, falling back on what must be his own area of comfort to get to know the students and the potential killer among them by inviting them all to his place for a party. It's clear he feels comfortable around groups of people, and is able to function well as a host. He falls in love with Meredith Sulez later on, and has a long distance relationship with her while he goes abroad to further his studies. Alaric is good at power-seeking and has high material goals. Alaric develops a relationship with Meredith on the sly, and while they don't really have any romantic scenes together, nor are they as outwardly affectionate and physically clingy as Stefan and Elena, there are implications that the relationship is serious and going strong. The reason for their secrecy may well be the inappropriate nature of a student/teacher relationship, even though Alaric only went to Fell's Church to research vampires and only used teaching as a cover. Alaric is an Aquarius and he originally comes from Charlottesville.                      BEST DAMN FUCK 
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