Ignore this -,-

What else cn I do to make youu hppy ? Is it the biggest mistake ? Am I too bad fr you ? Youre nt alone syg, You still have someone else to love you like I do . Yeahh, its true . Go and find the right one . The one tht knw how to cheerish you, everydaay (': Then, You'll get all the happiness . I knw I cn't -,- Enough fr me to see you hppy . I keep remembering all the sweet moments tht we've been through, tht is my curee . Only God knows hw much I love youu, no one will understannd =,=

*Im nt a perfect person, tht is so many thngs I wish I didn't do . Im sorry Im difficlt, Its something I must live everydaay -,-
Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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