my babybiee


For the keberape kali post for this month :D i would like to tell you guys about this one story . It's actually about my babybiee (: weee <3 Kenal Fatin Barney ? siapa kenal Nurul Nadzira Natasha mesti kenal Fatin Ramziah punya . *cehh :) Alaahh budak comel comel yang suka barney - famous tu :D In the easy way , she is my bestfriend . The story begins when she do the entry at her blog about me aww aww terharu terharu (': Thank you so much my babybiee . At that time , i felt like i wanna do the same thing like she do .

I love you fatin barney <3
thanks also to be my friend even suddenly you very terrible suka buli membuli saya kan :D
iloveyou tighly kayy ? hope you'll tak FAKE

love ,
Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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