ppfffttt -.-'


you hate me ? i really hate people kinda of you!
they think that thierself better than other and hotter enough! you must to be at the hell yah! to those who's love to said something bad about people,i'd just once advise for you,before you talking somethg bad about someone else,you should go to your mirror and look at yourself,if you're better enough than a loo,you can continue back your jerk attitude! people like you is such a bitch ! i just a ordinary guy and to me there is nothing special at mine,but i don't know wht said you bout me :) i'll got crazier if you make me crazier :)don't judge people by their appearance,judge people by their's inside :)i'll respect on you if you do it so to me :)i can friends with all types of people except backstabers :)those are like bitches to me you're my biggest enemy

hmmkayy you just shut up whore . just say that you're bad , ugly , whatever so people give you compliments !

some one really hate you ,

Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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