i ♥ uss

salam hello for all readers (:

for this post i just wanna share my awesome holiday for yesterday at uss ; universal studio singapore :D the cool place for all visited out and in country . okay memang tak rugi la bayar mahal mahal kan sesiapa yang datang masuk kat sini sebab seriously best even dengan cuaca panas we still happy and very excited to play all the game at the team park (: 

firstly we go to the lost world 
attractions ; 
- jurassic park
- canopy flyer
- waterworld 
merchandise ;
- jurassic outfitters
- the dino store

second madagascar 
- a create adventures
- king julien's beach party go aroud
- penguins mercantile

third far far away
- shrek 4D adventures we can see hear and feel the action right from the seat as we join princess fiona and shrek in a fairytale adventure , oh so cool!
- donkey live (live show)
- enchated airways climb aboard a junior roller coaster
- magic potion spin

fourth ancient egypt
- revenge of the mummy the game i never cant forget until im die :D woah im so horror =,=
- treasure hunters 

fifth sci-fi city
- battlestar galactica (cylon)
- battlestar galactica (human)
- accelerator

sixth new york
- oh i feel the real one new york :DD woohoo

the last one hollywod (: wee
- pantages hollywood theater

 G R E A T !

let see some photo me and uss (: cheer *tunjuk gigi :D

im in USS :D woohoo
adik mama sista : )
oh muka penat da nampak , kankan :D
sweet chill (:  
you smile i smile - jb  
cocaa-cola :D adik punya tau dinasour tu ha-ha
 time to see , hear and feel in 4D
no comment -,-
tiba tiba nampak makcik ni haha shoot jela :DD *camera pandang mana ni -,-'
 kay yang ni special sikit , cuba tengok betul betul ahha botol bros saya ikut pegi uss haha special bukan ? ehee

betty boop suka buat mulut macam tu 
♥ the last photo is tadaa! this this this look at me ohh muka kau buruk -,- peluh sana sini kan even da tuka baju ;D
on the night , was the great night :))
so until here i can share my great holiday (:
never forgot for this moments 
im gonna miss you uss :'D
thanks for be the nice place , i loikkee ngee
so insyaAllah i will come again later (: 
bye bye

P/S : this photo cant find at somewhere else just here , cheer
tak suka dengan post ni ? okay fine (:
muka saya buruk ? okay cool :DD


Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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