ksl city ♥

 salam , AnnyeongHaseyo :D haha tiba tiba

on 4th june 2011 , i've joined the hanging at ksl city and check in at 11 @ century hotel johor bahru (: thanks a lot to my beloved parent and our family . this was my second time i've been there . so excited to meet all of them :D okay then i go to the ksl city and i saw one of window ice cream shop , you'll feel like 'Awh , so cute!' Ahha :D i can imagine like im in a candy land . everythings is so cute . soft colours . aww nyummy nyummy just like i wanna ngapp ngapp all the ice cream ♥ weehee 

Look! so cute :) oh i likee 

look at this ; you can make your own cotton candy aww
bak kata orang melayu ; layan diri :D

totally the price of this ice cream very expensive around ringgit malaysia 28 plus plus ohhmyybaby ice cream ;D
sangat sedap *mengidam lagi

look at me :D muka happy je kan dapat makan ice cream *macam kanak kanak ribena excited gilaa weh
okay jangan jealous , ha-ha

everybody let shuffelin ngee nyummy nyummy
awhh ! you want ? huhh tak dapat la weh ;D

fikir da comel la buat macam tu , eee

the gedik-gedik shoot time ha-ha
Great day ! thankyou people (:

K A M S A M I  D A

Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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