Meet My Tough Boyfriend

Salam :)

Hi everyone! How's life goin' so far ? Good ? :) Mine was just fineeee . Nows was school holidays right ? Well , everyone was having a great vacation while mine was *long sigh* It's okay , it's not a good time , perhaps . My parent twentyfour/seven busy . As a daughter , I have to understand 'em,right ? :)

Last week , I went to Ksl City with my parents and one of my friend . Just look at the image and also the title of this entry . Haha . Who knows about my tough-boyfriend ? Well well well , it' Jacob babyy , we've watched Breaking Dawn and it's awesome (Y) There's a part where I almost cry . Wuwuwuwu .

Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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