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Assalamualaikum :)

Hi, everyone! How's your day? It's seems like school holidays getting bored nowadays. But this is what we wished for when we were in school, isn't it? Do say yes because I know. I'm a student too. 94's, I know, you're in a freedom mood. Hooray here, hooray there, 'merdeka', 'school is a memory' and what so ever. Have fun yu'olls! Have a licence then :D For those who gets PLKN, i've know comment. Hew hew :3

Well, everyone was talking about their final semester result. This is just too scared for me as most of the teacher told us that ' This semester is going to be your kill semester. No lies!'  I believed that most of the students had prepared the 100% tip top! I told ya. I could see how struggle they are and I'm getting frightened. Seriously. Maybe it's true, my teacher said :

"Some people have to try so hard, really hard, to get what they want. They have to struggle like there's no other chance's but at the end they got nothing. But I like those kind of students. At least they have efforts."


"Some people just have to put a little effort and they got the best result."

"Different people, different luck. You just have to put on a big effort no matter how easy the task is . Rezeki orang lain-lain. Jangan samakan dengan orang lain."

This post is not a show-off-type. Its just to remind myself. Please don't get it wrong. And yes, friendship is not all about exam's result. Come on! Stop comparing, be calm, and believe in yourself :) Take care, readers! Much love 

Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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