Surat ,

Once upon a time,

I had travel around the world. Just to search for the most beautiful thing in this world, this awesome world.

Went to Egypt, I saw the great pyramid of giza, still, just stones and sands.

So I went to beaches. I watched sunset. I had say to myself, "How lovely...". But still, it doesn't last forever. Its gone.

So I climbed up to the mighty Everest. Just to watch the sunrise. I waited so long. Sadly, it last for a while. Im  tired.

So I lay down. I saw the stars. Blinking and wink wink. Again, yet too far from me.

Now I wonder, what is the most beautiful thing in this world. Sometimes we just can't see. Blind. Blinded by things we wanted to see. Suddenly, I realized, the most beautiful thing in this world is not things, but a person, It is you ♥

Seriously, it's you. The way you smile, your face, laugh, blushing, the way you care for me. I love every single thing about you. So now, no need to travel anymore. Cause I found the most beautiful person in this world, Nurul Nadzira Natasha. I ♥ U.

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