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Sibuk malam ni dengan Maharaja Lawak Mega Final kan? Yes, my favourite team won! *cheers* Eya, tidak dinafikan memang peminat Boboi ramai, tapi 'Ada Wa Kesah?' Haha! Best best lawak diaorang pun, Jozan is the best and not to be forgotten, Aaron Aziz was the most famous topic on that night. Lagi-lagi dari girls lah kan, alahaaaaai *pengsan sekejap*

"May I know, Aaron Aziz ada anak lelaki tak? Nak cop dulu! 'Age is just a number ok' Tak dapat bapak, dapat anak pun jadi lah :) LOL"

Another one is Tentang Dhia kan? I'm pretty sure that most of the people watched this drama. In fact, kawan kawan lelaki pun ada follow cerita ni ok. Sedih, sangat sedih. Sehidup semati :') Well, I wish I could be as strong as Dhia! InsyaAllah. Okay, topic closed. Since today is the last day for this year, meaning that the school is approaching and I've to prepare for school's stuffs and those kind of things. So, tomorrow, I spent my time with my beloved parents and my lil brother at City Square.


She my idol, my inspiration, my everything ♥ Im not really done with my school stuff maybe later because me those type of person yang "CEREWET" LOL but I've done especially with foods. Benda penting tu ok. Hihi. Kuat makan lah kata kan, tak percaya? *baling batu* Dah percaya? Ok good.

In this opportunity, once again, I would like to wish a very Happy New Year especially to my beloved family, HeartBeat, friends and to my dearest followers of this blog. I'm really sorry, from top to bottom of all my wrong doings. I wish 2012 will be full of happiness. No matter what my 'azam tahun baru' is, I hope that everything would be better than before :) School will re-open, really soon. So, selamat kembali *sad face,jpg* I'm going to be a SUPER SENIOR ok *dance* ~('.'~) (~'.')~ Anyway, hell no. SPM!

"Hidup mestilah ada manis, ada pahitnya. If not, macam makanan tanpa perencah lah. Tawar kan?"

Love ya!  

Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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