It's Not Too Early


Assalamualaikum :)

Dear visitors / readers or easy to called blog walking.

How's life? I'm sure you have a pretty cool holiday, huh? Like the upper picture's? Ops, it's too happy. Like SpongeBob and Patrick, Lol. Today is already Dec 28th, 2011 and this means that we're at the end of the year. Like who's gonna expect this? I felt like I just took my PMR result yesterday. But for the real, I almost seventeen. I repeat, SEVENTEEN. I just can't imagine that.

For 96's, if you got 6A's and above, Congratulations! You've done a great job, and I'm sure your parents must be proud of you. Me too. For those who doesn't get a good result, it's okay. This is not the end. "Gagal sekali tak bermakna gagal selamanya."  Remember that, adik.HE wants you to work harder. Try all over again, honey. Don't give up easily.

Just so you know, form 4 is not a honeynoon year. Read it clearly, adik. Not a honeymoon year, trust me. It's hard where you get to know your new friends named Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

In 2011, there's a lot of things happened. Alhamdulillah for good and bad. I learn a lot from what I've been through since the day I said 'Hello 2011' Everyone wishes fir a happy ending, right? But not all my dreams come true. I know, I must work on it. I mean harder. I'm hoping for a very nice-peaceful-awesome life for upcoming 365 days. I wish. InsyaAllah.

I would like to say 'Truly Sorry' for any of my wrong doings. I'm just an ordinary person and I make mistakes. Maybe, I'm still learning. I can't go backward, so I only can plan for my future. I wish everything's gonna be fine. New spirit. New thinking. New me? Em, think twice hihi. I think this is not too early to talk about 'New Year' because it seems like there's another four days left. Take care, much love 

Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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