Lame. Naive. Imperfect. Everyone have their own dreams. Same goes to me, alot. I'm freaking dumb when it comes to love story. I just don't know how to control those kind of things.I'm sure I'll ruin it one day and yes I'm not good in this matter. Someone told me, "Tasha, jangan couple dengan orang yang kau rasa tak boleh jadi suami. Couple dengan orang yang kau confirm boleh terus jadi suami kau one day nanti" Well yeah, I think I might stop hoping. I'm still learning how to let go. You don't get it? Shut the fuck up.

Thoughts. Complains. People get to judge other easily, nowadays. Narrow minded. Dear haters, stop being such a creepy-lifeless-people. JEALOUS. You just annoy others and let me tell ya, getting jealous and started to make a gossip wasn't a great step to make you famous. It's just a waste of time. Sometimes, that thing wasn't involving you at all. But you pretend to let others down. Oh, come on! Open minded, please. I respect you. But if this is your attitude, I'll never ever respect you even though you you're the smartest among all.

I feel upset sometimes. I just don't know why. I'm tired of pretending to be happy. I admit, sometimes I'm too happy. Like I'm on the top of the world. But when I looked back, it was full of regrets. I wish I would have the time machine so that I can pull off everything and make it right. It's hard to satisfy other's feeling but yes, that is one of His test as a human being. People just don't know how hard I have to face those kind of stupid dumbasssss.

Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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