The saddest story

The girl loved this boy very much, all she wanted was him.
girl: hey.. i want to tell you something
boy: uhm, what is it?
girl: i love you.
boy: oh.. okay.
girl: okay? okay what?
boy: umm, i don't know.
girl: well, do you love me?
boy: i'll tell you later.
girl: why not now?
boy: because i just don't want to.
girl: please!
boy: um no.. i'll cya tomorow.
the next day, they spoke at school again.
girl: can you tell me?
boy: no
girl: please! i just want to know!
boy: okay fine, who would love someone who looks like you,
you're fucking ugly! the boy walked off, leaving the girl crying.
She ran home and locked herself in the bathroom.
She called her mother, still crying. Her mother asked her
what happened and all the girl replied with was, 'i love you mum',
and hung up. when the mother arrived home, she opened to experience
the most horrid scene that broke her heart. her daughter layed on the
bathroom floor, blood everywhere.
the girl died that day, with many cuts on herself, and a simple note
to that boy she once loved.. "Am i pretty enough now?

Thanks sebab baca sayang. If suka, like lah :]

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